Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodbye Terrorism?

I've seen alot of people on Facebook and a few on tv say the words "We Got Him!Bring home the troops now" I agree with that sentiment. I wish we never had to have troops away from home. I worried the whole time my cousins were stationed in the Mideast. I believe that if you asked both of them now, they both would probably be willing to go back if they were needed. Thats the courage and dedication our troops have, and we should honor that by not becoming complacent. I believe that Usama Bin Laden had become nothing more than a figurehead. He was found with little to no guards, and bascially had to live in a prison to stay hidden. To declare everything over,and to call the troops home in response to UBL's death would be irresponsible. Anyone who thinks that Terrorism won't come back to hurt us again after hes gone, doesn't understand how terrorism works. They will always come for us, thats what hatred is. We must always hunt down ,and disrupt the organization to keep them at bay. For those of you who think we should pack up and leave now, consider this. How did they get UBL in the first place? They flew the operation out of an Afghanistan base. If we pulled our forces back, where would we do our operations from? To echo what I said earlier, I wish we didn't have to have forces over seas. But its necessary, if we wish to honor the lives of those who we lost on 9/11. We must never forget, and we must never allow it to happen again.
Your Humble Bystander

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